(International Institute of Industrial Property)

Сonducting competitive (patent) research

Cost estimate
valuation of industrial property and other non-material assets for their proper accounting. Relevant and legally valid certificate is provided;
  • valuation of one item - from 60000 Rbl (depending on volume of services)

audit in area of industrial property:

  • one item - from 35000 Rbl. (depending on complexity)

patent research (trends exploration, technical level, legal protection of intellectual property):

  •  one item - from 60000 Rbl. (depending on complexity)

development of applications for intellectual property items in CIS and around the world:

  • for invitation - from 50000 Rbl. (depending on complexity and the country of patenting)
  • for utility models - from 30000 Rbl. (depending on complexity and the country of patenting)
  • for trademarks - from 20000 Rbl. (depending on complexity and the country of registration)

Preparation of written conclusions and recommendations on texts of agreements and contracts under expertise:

  • from 10000 Rbl. (depending on complexity)

Development of agreements and contracts including rights assignment contracts (license agreements, exclusive rights agreements, shared rights agreements, etc.):

  • one item - from 15000 Rbl. (depending on complexity)

Verbal consultancy on matters regarding legal protection of intellectual property, sale (purchase) of license, know-how, engineering services and technical support in case of technologies transfer:

  • one hour - 900-2500 Rbl. (depending on specialist qualification)
Normally terms of services assume 50% pre-payment.