(Международный Институт Промышленной Собственности)





The mission of the Institute is cooperation in area of industrial property (invitations, utility models, designs and trademarks).



Valuation of all types of industrial property


Conducting competitive (patent) research


Scientific and methodological developments


Legal protection of intellectual property activity


Legal protection of intellectual property


Legal protection of intellectual property;

Besides, the Institute is responsible for examination of state and international scientific and technological programs and projects, providing advertising activities, establishing of mutually profitable ties with financial organizations and other structures, offering "engineering" service.

The Institute provides on the basis of contracts with legal entities and individuals:

  • valuation of industrial property and other non-material assets for their proper accounting. Relevant and legally valid certificate is provided.

  • working out and independent examination of regulations and standards in area of industrial property;

  • protection of inventor rights and patent owners in administration and Court;

  • independent technical and financial examination of industrial property items;

  • audit in area of industrial property;

  • development of assignment agreements;

  • development of applications for intellectual property items in CIS and around the world;

  • marketing research;

  • development of business plans for innovation/venture projects;

  • conducting workshops and seminars in field of intellectual property;

  • consulting regarding protection of rights and use of intellectual property, engineering service;

  • development and production of analytical reviews regarding intellectual property.
For its activities MIPS cooperates with leading specialists in relevant areas. At present more than 50 high level experts work with our organization at permanent basis.
MIPS has good working relationships with state institutions and authorities in field of intellectual property, and maintains cooperation with variety of companies working in this area.
MIPS cooperates with different kinds of authorities of Russian Federation, and also with leading state scientific research organizations, specialized in area of legal protection of intellectual and industrial property.
MIPS has license (#000582 от 30.08.2001 г.) of Minimuschestva (Property Ministry) for valuation activities. MIPS is also the owner and the publisher of two monthly magazines: «Изобретательство (Izobretatelstvo) » (registration # ПИ77-7706), which is dedicated to legal aspects of intellectual property, and «Биржа Интеллектуальной Собственности (Birzha Intellektualnoi Sobstvennovosti) » (БИС) (registration # ПИ77-12828), which is focused on financial and general management in area of intellectual property.

Structure of the organization includes the following departments:

  • teaching of specialists in area of intellectual (industrial) property;
  • business plans for innovation and venture projects;
  • valuation of intellectual property;
  • legal and information support;
  • examination of intellectual property;
  • general support;
  • marketing.

Management Board

Lynnik Andrey - Ph.D. in economics sciences, general director of "INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE of INDUSTRIAL property", chief editor of magazines "Izobretatelstvo", "Birzha Intellektualnoy Sobstvennosti" and "Smekalka".
The organization is headed by General Manager, assigned in accordance with decision of Shareholders Meeting. Management Board includes General Manager and Heads Of Department.
MIPS has access to a number of databases in area of high technology and intellectual property.
MIPS employees carry out scientific work, and have multiple publications in magazines and monographs.
MIPS is a member of Russian union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.